Headless Coachman…


It must be absolutely maddening to be searching for your head when you are a body without said head and subsequent eyes balls attached to look of for it when it has been misplaced or cut off by your best player and put in the locker room for safe play-calling keeping…

Am I being just a tad dramatic about the situation in Cleveland where LeBron James has taken over play calling duties from the window dressing, rookie David Blatt that stands on the sidelines having the title(in name only) of Head coach? Maybe a bit…Wouldn’t be the first time and it certainly won’t be the last.

Ever since the story broke by Brian Windhorst(one of the best reporters out there) that LeBron would on occasion(all the time) call a play or two on his own and direct which options would be best in the huddle sometimes(all the time), the Cavaliers have been putting their best politically correct mouths forward. It is the perfect storm for LeBron…He is the greatest player on the planet. He is back in the town that has missed him since he left and have willingly fallen at his feet for forgiveness for the things they did and said about him when he took his then championship-less talents at the time to Riley land down in Florida years ago…He has a wet behind the NBA ears coach who seems to be a really, really nice dude who has the unenviable task of having to make all the right moves with all the right players all of the time…

King James has always been in control but now he is asserting his power in ways players,(not even Michael Jordan) were capable of years ago. It has always been a superstar’s league but now more than ever, the league’s top ballers are wearing many hats. I am talking about pseudo GM and Head Coach lids…LeBron is changing how the hierarchy of the team structure works on and off the court. On the court, he feels he knows what’s the best option for his team coming down the floor on the offensive end with the pieces they have out there. And guess what? He is usually correct. Has he cut David Blatt’s power off at his knees? No. Not at all…Haven’t you been paying attention silly? He took his head instead…Blatt leans into the huddle to let the troops know what they are running next and what adjustments need to be made, when the King lovingly pushes him aside and lets the team know what is going on…

Princeton University Men’s basketball program has an offense named after them. You guessed it chief, “The Princeton Offense”. Coach Blatt installed this offense in the beginning part of the season and really loves many of the components of this offense. Movement..backdoor cuts..anticipation…smarts..blah..blah..blah..blah…LeBron let Blatt and boys tinker around with their little offensive plan and their absolute ineptitude in regards to playing winning basketball…He then took a break for a few days earlier this season, had GM David Griffin make some moves and then removed David Blatt’s head from his body and things turned around immediately….

I think Cavs fans have their new Halloween costume for next year now….Your welcome Cleveland.

Rob Botts
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