Haters Are Gonna Hate!

By: Carl Pfeiffer


So, the Buffalo Bills just set a new season ticket record. A remarkable accomplishment given the last 15 Years of on field futility coupled with being the second smallest market in the NFL and the 57 largest TV market in the United States. Throw in a lousy economy and this record is almost mind-boggling.

This should be a day the all Buffalians can be proud of. But leave it to the national media to take what should be a great day for Buffalo and their fans and find something negative to discuss.

More specially I am talking about Mike Florio who had this to say at ProFootball Talk

The buzz from the new record should result in even more ticket sales. And the smart move will be to sell, sell, sell as many tickets as possible now, before the season gets started and the absence of a sufficiently-competent quarterback potentially derails the highest hopes the fan base has had since the last time the Bills made the playoffs, 16 years ago.

Really Mike? That’s your esteemed opinion about today’s record? Hey Bills you’d better soak your fans for all they’re worth because Peyton Manning, Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers isn’t under center In Buffalo.

We know that we have a quarterback problem. As does two-thirds of the national football league. Quarterback play in today’s NFL is horrible. You couldn’t acknowledge that the Bills have made a series of off-season moves (starting with the hiring of Rex Ryan as the head coach) that have made this 9-7 team better…much better. Your two-cents couldn’t have been that the Bills have an owner with roots in Western New York and the team will be playing football in Buffalo for decades to come?
I am not one to subscribe to conspiracy theories but when guys like you, write things like this, then it is hard to argue against an Anti-Buffalo media bias.
Whatever Mike Florio, Buffalo has proven once again that it has one of the best fan bases in the NFL and despite a quarterback situation that looks a lot like the Cincinnati Bengals and Arizona Cardinals, the is still plenty to be excited about in Buffalo.

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