Glendale Cancels Arena Deal

By: Jacob Fain

For years, the hockey world considered the Arizona Coyotes as the next big suitors for some type of relocation project, they dismissed all of that in 2013 when they signed a 15 year $220 million dollar deal to stay in Arizona. Around three yesterday, the Coyotes announced a meeting with the city of Glendale called of course by the City of Glendale.

The meeting was to inform the Coyotes that they had terminated their contract and basically telling the Coyotes to pack their stuff and go. This won’t affect the team for at least two or three seasons but there will be legal action where the Coyotes are going to try and force the city to honor the deal and the NHL is right behind them in this.

By far the only good thing that came of this were the small bits of the meeting that were leaked to the public showing a small amount of Coyote season ticket holders voicing their opinions on the subject. One fan named Ronda Person called out the mayor of the city saying that unlike her the mayor did not have to pay for his tickets nor his jersey and it really hit me hard, this woman had so much passion it left the council members speechless it was such a powerful moment.

As much as I would love to see the NHL move to Seattle or Hartford this team needs to stay where it’s needed and that’s in Glendale. Like this woman I want to do whatever it takes to keep this team in Glendale and if the NHL, decides to forgo the lawyers and lawsuits and move the team then that would be a huge mistake to take away this team from these great people.

Jacob Fain
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