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Guess what day it is? Guess. What. Day. It. IS?! Congratulations! You made it to the official fantasy football season. Before we start, apologies are in order. As it turns out, we did not review every position this season. This falls on me. Still, I feel that with the reviews we have (QB, WR, and RB), you have great teams to start. Now, onto 2019 fantasy football and our final review!

Yes, you see that correctly! I said, “Final review”. Since we keep things fresh here at Nuts and Bolts Sports, BSB will run a little differently this year. Not only will you get your buy, sell, and bench players of the week, but I will also be posting my final rosters of the week as a final review. I’m a man of my word. I will not give you information I do not plan to use myself. So, this will not only keep me honest, but it will also lead us all to the championship.

A few items of note first. As a reminder, all advice is based on the assumption of a PPR (points per reception) league. If you’re not in a PPR league yet, get in one. You’re missing out if you’re not! Also, all projections in the final review and final roster are based on Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football, which is the forum for the leagues I participate in. So, if you use ESPN or NFL or some other medium, the projections may not be exact. They should be pretty close though. So, let’s get it!

Final Review 1A

We will start with the best of my two teams. This is a league I was commissioner of until this season. So, the format, scoring, and setup are all pretty tight. Furthermore, it is by far the longest-running team I have. I cannot recall the exact time but it’s been at least ten years. Before I forget, this league is not only PPR but it is IDP as well, which is individual defensive positions. So, you can ignore that portion of the roster, which you can see the full roster below:

Final Review

The draft grade for this group was a solid A. Projections place this group as the assumptive 2nd best team of the league with an 11-2 record and total of 2,864 points. Keep in mind, these are just projections. Never rely solely on just projections. Still, projections are a good indicator of the overall direction your team will take. The heart of this team is the WR group with Brown, JuJu, Edelman, and Aghlor. Kelce is a nice addition as well. For the final review of this week, the above roster is the roster I will work with (pending injuries updates Sunday morning).

Final Review 1B

This team is the second-longest-running team I’ve had, which is about five years. It is also PPR, but it is not IDP. Just your standard defense/special teams. The draft grade of this team was a solid B and the full team is listed below:

Final Review

Team 1B of the final review is slated to finish at 8-5, which is good for 4th in the league and a project 2,067 points. The team is a little smaller due to fewer flex positions and no IDP. So, the projected point total is good. Again, projections are a guide. They are not the end all be all. Never forget that. Mahomes will lead this team, followed by David Johnson, Mike Evans, and Robert Woods. I’m more confident in team 1A but I know I can take this team places.

Alright, class, you’re now ready for the fantasy football season! The final review should give you a good idea of the direction you should be going. As always, see me doing office hours with further questions. Good luck this week and see you next week!

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