FIFA World Cup 2018…Groups A thru D

FIFA World Cup starts June 14, 2018

FIFA 2018


  • «Россия – принимающая страна, и это очень важный фактор.
    Будет невероятное давление на команду, по крайней мере, в четвертьфинал ».

  • Russia is the host nation and this is a very important factor. There will be unbelievable pressure on the team to at least advance to the quarterfinals.

  • “تأهلت السعودية لبطولة كأس العالم FIFA الخامسة وهي الأولى منذ عام 2006”

  • Saudi Arabia qualified for their fifth FIFA World Cup Tournament and it’s their first since 2006.

  • أصبحت مصر ثاني فريق من أفريقيا يصل إلى بطولة FIFA 2018.

  • Egypt became the second team from Africa to make it to the 2018 FIFA Tournament.

  • “Uruguay está en proceso de renovación y cuenta con varios jugadores jóvenes que han hecho contribuciones significativas”,

  • Uruguay is in a process of renewal and has a number of young players who have made significant contributions. FIFA

  • “Portugal é definitivamente o favorito para as semifinais.”

  • Portugal is definitely a favorite to go on to the semifinals.

  • “España marcó su boleto al Torneo de la FIFA fácilmente con un juego de sobra.”

  • Spain punched their ticket to the FIFA Tournament easily with one game to spare.

  • عاد المغرب إلى نهائيات كأس العالم بعد غياب دام 20 عاما.عاد المغرب إلى نهائيات كأس العالم بعد غياب دام 20 عاما

  • Morocco is back in the World Cup after a 20-year absence.

  • IR ایران اولین تیمی بود که تا کنون از کنفدراسیون فوتبال آسیا برای کسب عنوان قهرمانی استفاده کرده است.

  • IR Iran became the first team ever from the Asian Football Confederation to qualify.

  • FIFA

  • “La France a participé à tous les tournois depuis 1994.”

  • France has been to every tournament since 1994.

  • Australia became the 31st team to secure their place.

  • “Perú será el equipo sorpresa en este grupo, parece ser el consenso.”

  • Peru will be the surprise team in this group, seems be the consensus.

  • “Danmark vender tilbage til verdensmesterskabet efter at have gået glip af i 2014.”

  • Denmark returns to the World Tournament after missing out in 2014.

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  • “Argentina tiene el mejor jugador del mundo, por eso quiere ganar la copa más grande del mundo para ponerse a su lado.”

  • Argentina has the best player in the world, therefore wants to win the biggest cup in the world to put on alongside him.

  • “Ísland varð minnsta landið í heimi til að hæfa.”

  • Iceland became the smallest country in the world to qualify.

  • “Hrvatska je postigla svoj drugi uzastopni FIFA nastup.”

  • Croatia is making their second consecutive FIFA appearance.

  • Nigeria was the first Africa team to qualify.

Written by Julio Olmo ~ The Voice of One!


FIFA Fussball-Weltmeisterschaft Russland 2018™ 
Coupe du Monde de la FIFA, Russie 2018™ 
Copa Mundial de la FIFA Rusia 2018™ 
كأس العالم روسيا ™2018 FIFA 
Чемпионат мира по футболу FIFA 2018 в России™

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