Dream Chasers Series: Darius Thomas

By: Joe Cardoso and Patrick Hilwig


Anytime you meet a football player and they play safety hearing them say Sean Taylor is the standard for them you know they mean business. Coming from Henderson State University located in Arkadelphia, Arkansas Darius was an impact player. Within moments of the NBS team hitting the field, we saw #2 flying all over the place and leaving players dazed and bruised. Standing 6’2 and 200 pounds he has the speed to cover and also can lay the wood when needed. He sat down with Pat and they talked about his plans and of course the game he loves football.

PH: Who is a player in the NFL you try to play like or admire their style?

DT: I would say Tyrann Mathieu from the Arizona Cardinals. Because of his versatility and passion for the game. He can’t be put in a box of just being a DB he plays everywhere.

PH: Watching you at practice you have a nose for the ball, and are a true playmaker. What have you gotten out of this National Bowl experience so far?

DT: A ton of knowledge about agents and scouts and the whole process. I’ve enjoyed the chance to play with and meet a lot of great players, after that last regular season game you don’t know when or if you will get a chance to put those pads on again. As they told us in the meetings after that it’s all a business from here on out.

PH: With it being possibly the last game how have you approached it? Have you changed how you prepare?

DT: No. I have not changed, I try not to think about it being the last game I treat it like a regular season game just getting my mind and body right.

PH: How long have you been playing football?
DT: Since I was 5 it’s my passion it’s what I love to do.

PH: You say it’s your passion. What drives you?

DT: Family and my love for the game. When I’m on the field it just feels right like this is where I am meant to be.

PH: Do you have a favorite NFL team?

DT: Patriots. I am a big pats fans and Tom Brady been a fan of his since the 3rd grade. Being from Dublin, Georgia people always give me crap about being a Pats fan but I am.

PH: Being from the DC area I am a Redskins fan and from my time in Florida I am a Jaguars fan as well

DT: Sorry to hear that!

PH: Looking at your social media I see you are a Sean Talor fan.

DT: Oh YES! Sean Taylor was an innovator at the safety position and if he were still alive he would be one of the tops in the league. He changed the way Saftey is played and would have been one of the greatest of all time if he were still alive.

PH: I know you’ve seen scouts out and about on this weekend. If they draft Darius Thomas what are they getting?

DT: A versatile player who is hungry and a hard worker. I love special teams I bring my hard hat every day. I am a small school guy nothing has ever been handed to me I’ve worked for everything I have. From my scholarship in college to high school playing time.

PH: You made a ton of plays in practice and for those who don’t know special teams is how you make an NFL team and it takes a certain level of pride as well.

DT: I always prided myself on being great on special teams early on my coaches always put in our heads to be great at it. Don’t take a play off and treat it like it’s a regular play.

Darius is a baller and you can feel the passion for the game in his voice. We are excited to see what’s next for this dream chaser.To follow along with us he is found on Twitter @RealDT8

And see him in action! https://t.co/AeDQTdPNwP


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