Diagnosis: Broken Thibs

There is a certain way to do a thing and then there is a certain way NOT to do that said thing. When you’re breaking up with a significant other, you do it face-to-face and you take the high road. You don’t send them a text from a third party company that is paid to end such personal things. When a warrior from centuries ago or middle earth is about to be killed by his enemy, you give them a “soldier’s death” to quote Mr. Gladiator himself Russell Crowe. You don’t lop his head off when he isn’t looking.

When the rat is captured by his former mob pals, they take him for a “ride.” What he doesn’t do is make it embarrassing for all involved and not show professionalism and class, in that organized crime kind of way. And you don’t fire a coach the way upper management did for the Chicago Bulls program

The Chicago Bulls fired Tom Thibodeau. Fired as in shot bullet holes through the man and then set him on fire as he stumbled out the back door. This autopsy won’t take more than two seconds. It was clear that unless the Chicago Bulls won the NBA Championship this season, Thibs was a dead man walking. The way the Chicago organization is run by Jerry Reinsdorf, he might have even been let go right as the champagne was starting to dry. THAT is exactly how much things had fallen apart between Tom and upper management. It seems Los Angeles and New York have nothing on the windy city in terms of entertaining soap operas.

Thibs is a very internal, “This locker room is MY guys and everybody outside is literally OUTSIDE” kind of sideline walker. He has a loud, booming Darth Vader voice, and has a slow methodical jaunt that keeps his players constantly on the alert. He is a defense first coach and always has been. Bulls management just had no idea that his defensive approach would reach out to swat away any and all ideas or approaches they would have, and bat down any attempts to change a thing with HIS team. Google George C. Scott’s feelings for the Oscars and you’ll understand Coach Thibodeau’s attitude toward the organization.

He was difficult, oh so difficult, but the man can coach his tail off. Thibs kept a team that would never know if they would have their best player D-Rose on any given night focused and ready. He had them playing extremely hard no matter what the distraction of the day would be. The man won many, many games for the city of Chicago and is among the top coaches in winning percentage walking the sidelines today. But, his team hadn’t won the whole thing or even been to the final dance, and this year’s squad should have had a better showing against an injured Cleveland Cavaliers team. Maybe his heavy handed style was starting to weigh on the lads, maybe it was just time for a new voice, but there was absolutely no need for the Bulls to perform a total removal of the man’s vocal cords on his way out. Thibs deserved a better exit. Even though all coaches are fired, they just don’t know it yet.

The man will land on his feet, like they all do, especially the really good coaches. Thibs will be swooped up right way. To quote Rex Ryan’s brother, defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, when he got fired by the Dallas Cowboys years back, “I’ll be out of work for like five minutes.”

Rob Botts
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