The College Football Playoff

There is gold in this playoff format!

college playoff
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January 9, 2012

Alabama beats LSU 20-0 and earns their 14th National Title in the School’s Tradition Rich History.

Pretty straight and forward information, right?

As defining dates and moments go, this is the game that will go down in history as the one that changed the landscape of College Football for ever.

College Football always has been a sport, where big giant football programs enjoy favoritism and maneuvering on the BCS polls.

There will always be maneuvering and favoritism in the sport…

After all …

It is College Football!

After this game the commissioners from eleven conferences and the presidents of twelve universities, took less than three hours to decide that the sport was ready for a College Playoff Format.

The college playoff format was established right after this game.

The old powers that be in the NCAA had refuse to join present times, but at the end of the day the new powers that be  identify that these old school beliefs were holding the progress of College Football.


College Playoff  was born!

The traditionalists did hold on as long as they could, but the light they saw at the end of the tunnel, turned out to be the light of the oncoming train of progress.

There is gold in this playoff format.

You just have to continue to work out the expansion kinks, but it was a milestone move for College Football back then.

The new postseason format in which games are played during the post-Christmas break leading into the New Year’s title game has receive phenomenal accolades.

The new playoff system will never eliminate the inevitable end-of-season bowl selection arguments, but…

Like I said before…

There will always be maneuvering and favoritism in the sport, after all…

It is College Football!

Photo via CollegeFootballPlayoff.Com



January 9 ~ Clemson 35 Ohio Alabama 31 – College Playoff Final 2016

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