College Football DFS Picks and Strategy: Week 6

By: Kristen Ashly

College football’s Week 5 was intense, to put it simply.

The new playoff system is creating more tension between school rivalries, and producing thicker layers of intrigue in each of the conferences. As the season rolls on, the importance factor for each game will only increase, and the stakes raised higher. College fantasy owners will see large fluctuations in their points, and the ability to predict outcomes get harder and harder.

Besides the usual matchup, player health, and play system strategy, remember to consider who’s playing at home, and who’s on the road. If you’re keeping track of college football week to week, you’ll already have a solid idea who the top sleepers are. Valuable picks are all about probability and compatibility, and you’re going to need to become more intuitive and research savvy if you plan on winning your league this season.

Let’s breakdown which games and players you should be paying special attention to, this week.

DraftKings CFB Lineup Picks – College Football DFS (Week 6)

Oct 3

Texas Tech Red Raiders (3-1) at Baylor Bears (4-0)

This is the first conference game for the two Big 12 teams. Baylor is expected to grab the win for the fifth year in a row, and most likely by a landslide. Baylor is steady at putting up large fantasy points, with their aggressive spread offense. Bears QB Seth Russell ($10,100) sits at a 36.3 FPPG (fantasy points per game) average. He’s the priciest player for Saturday’s games, but in college football fantasy, your quarterbacks are your money makers. WR Corey Coleman (8,500, 36.1 FPPG) is currently Russell’s favorite target, and he’ll receive most of the spotlight, guaranteeing to payoff. I’d steer clear of the tight ends on either team.

Iowa Hawkeyes (4-0) at Wisconsin Badgers (3-1)

This matchup isn’t as dangerous to dabble in as it appears. Wisconsin is looking more like the Badgers team of yester-year, with a more distributed rush game, now that Melvin Gordon is gone. Wisconsin has lost to the only ranked team they’ve had to play so far this year, though, and Iowa is destined to put up a good fight. Iowa RB Jordan Canzeri ($5,400, 24.2 FPPG) will be doing a lot of the physical labor down field, with a long list of qualifications that make him a good steal.

Ohio State Buckeyes (4-0) at Indiana Hoosiers (4-0)

Both undefeated Big 10 teams have similar schedules, and neither has faced an opponent worth writing home about. The Buckeyes have benched QB Cardale Jones inconsistently, and he’s a gamble with such low production rates. Try on quarterback-turned-WR Braxton Miller ($5,200, 11.2 FPPG), who may see more targets now, since it’s clear Urban Meyer isn’t afraid to break out JT Barrett; a better passing QB than Jones.

Florida State Seminoles (3-0) at Wake Forest Demon Deacons (2-2)

After a much-needed bye week, the Seminoles look forward to their second conference game of the season, where you can expect Wake Forest to be simply embarrassed at home. Running back and Heisman Trophy contender Dalvin Cook ($8,800, 29.4 FPPG) suffered a minor injury two weeks ago when he aided in Florida State’s 14-0 shutout of Boston College. Bank on WR Travis Rudolph ($4,300, 13.1 FPPG) to make a few extra plays, and add some extra value to the lineup.

Nebraska Cornhuskers (2-2) at Illinois Fighting Illini (3-1)

This is the first conference game for either team. Illinois is off to a solid start, but don’t overlook the valuable pick ups on Nebraska; WR Jordan Westerkamp ($5,500, 23.3 FPPG) is a bargain, and will make up for the holes the fantasy point poor will create. The quarterback steal of the week is certainly Nebraska’s Tommy Armstrong ($7,100, 29.9 FPPG), keep a very close eye on Armstrong.

Washington State Cougars (2-1) at California Golden Bears (4-0)

This is the second PAC-12 game the Cal Bears have had to face, and they’re sure to pull no stops. QB Jared Goff ($8,600, 24.3 FPPG) is consistent and offensively aggressive, so stack him with his favorite target, WR Kenny Lawler ($6,300, 22.5 FPPG). The sleeper of the week is likely to be RB Daniel Lasco ($5,700, 16.4 FPPG) who should be home to help secure the win.

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