Civil Unrest…Colin Kaepernick versus The NFL Owners

Almost every team in professional sports regularly holds ceremonies which commemorate those in the armed services, but!

A while back, Arizona senators John McCain and Jeff Flake found out that the Department of Defense paid over $6 million dollars to 72 teams in the NFL, MLB, NHL and MLS to hold patriotic displays during games.

These Paid Patriotism payments took place over a four-year period beginning in 2012…


Somehow the NFL owners managed to paint Colin Kaepernick as the unpatriotic one this season.

Call me crazy!

But, which sounds a Hell of a lot more unpatriotic?

  1. A bunch of multi-billionaire NFL owners using military and first responder events to stuff their pockets? – At the expense of taxpayers too, no less! or…

  2. Colin Kaepernick, who was only exercising his First Amendment Right, Peacefully Protesting – and nothing is more American than that!

Yet, the discovery of Paid Patriotism  hardly raised the same amount of outrage as Colin Kaepernick’s protests from the public.

With that in mind, the NFL owners went on – and succeeded! – black balling the man. 

It has been all about image and political grandstanding on their part.

When Kaepernick was first spotted sitting out the anthem, he was doing it to shine a light on Police Brutality against the African-American community. But the NFL owners – with help from Media outlets – quickly labeled him as being anti-military, which did not fit the purpose of his protests at all.

“The media painted this as I’m anti-American. I’m anti-men and women of the military…That’s not the case at all. I realize men and women of the military go out and sacrifice their lives, put themselves in harm’s way for my freedom of speech and my freedoms in this country, my freedom to take a seat or take a knee. I have the most utmost respect for them.”, Colin Kaepernick

Even when they got cut with their hands in the Cookie Jar…very few people painted the NFL owners who profited off patriotic events as greedy villains.

Instead, all those labels were thrown at Kaepernick this season.

Stephen A. Smith on the subject of Peaceful Protesting

Image and Marketing by the NFL

Fun Fact: “As it turns out last year’s Super Bowl featured the top two NFL franchises which profited the most from Paid Patriotism…Atlanta and New England.”

Also written by Julio Olmo

Colin Kaepernick is on the right side of History


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