Chip Kelly is a Genius, not a Mad Scientist

By: Monte Perez

In the 1989 Movie the Fly II, The star of the movie, Eric Stoltz is turning into something his girlfriend doesn’t recognize. She says, “You’re getting worse!” Stoltz responds, “No I am getting better!”

This is exactly how I feel about Chip Kelly. Where everyone has written him off as a mad scientist, I feel he is getting better. Kelly took over a team that was 4-12. In one year he turned them around and led them to the playoffs and a 10-6 record. Last season they went 10-6 again and missed the playoffs. Below you will see records of some NFL Coaches compared to Kelly’s first two years

Chip Kelly 20-12… 1 playoff appearance.

Bill Belichick 13-19… 0 playoff appearances.

Bill Parcells 12-19-1… 1 playoff appearance.

Pete Carroll 16-16… 1 playoff appearance.

Sean Payton 17-15… 1 playoff appearance.

As you can see, Kelly has not only had more success than these Super Bowl winners, but, he is the only coach on this list who has won with less than average quarterbacks. Michael Vick was way past his prime, Nick Foles had no experience and Mark Sanchez’s career was over when he left the New York Jets. So if Kelly has had good, not great success in the NFL, why is he under so much scrutiny?

When Kelly traded all-pro running back LeSean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills for LB Kiko Alonso, you would have thought the sky was falling. The Media and Twitter criticized Kelly. But, the Philadelphia coach was one step ahead of everyone. He got McCoy out of the division and signed Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray. He made the Cowboys weaker and his team stronger. Murray led the NFL last year in rushing with 1,845 yards.

I know it is only pre-season but traditionally the defense is always ahead of the offense, not in this case. In three games the Eagles have scored 36, 40 and 39 points. Quarterback Sam Bradford,( who doesn’t know the offense yet, because of an injury) was 10-10 and had 3 touchdown passes last week against the Packers.

Kelly dominated Carroll and Jim Harbaugh when he was at Oregon. In 4 years Kelly had a record of 33-3 in the PAC-12. I bring up Carroll and Harbaugh because they both went from the PAC-12 to coach in Super Bowls.

There is a reason Belichick and Urban Meyer have gone to Kelly’s spring practices. Smart coaches like to learn from smart coaches. What Kelly is doing is changing the face of the NFL, the way Bill Walsh did it with the West Coast offense back in the 1980’s. If he ever gets a healthy Bradford to make it through the year, the Eagles could win their first Super Bowl in franchise history.

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