CFB Top 25 Post Week 3: Rise of the Big Ten

By: Kristen Ashly

Excellent college football Saturday in Week 3 was just what the doctor ordered for our apathy towards the start of the season. We finally got to see teams battle it out, and upsets cause a stir.

Ohio State and TCU struggled this week with unranked Northern Illinois and SMU, while Alabama and USC both had their first loss for the season. Notre Dame survived its first post-Malik Zaire test, beating Georgia Tech by a touchdown, while UCLA beat BYU, 24-23.

What’s arguably most surprising about this week’s updated list, and which you can find in the AP Top 25 as well, is that the Big Ten is making a big comeback. The last time the Big Ten held the top two spots in the AP poll was November 2006, when Ohio State and Michigan went into their annual rivalry game at No. 1 and No. 2.

Take a peak at my post Week 3 top 25, compare it to last week’s, and come back next week to see how college football surprises us again.


1 Ohio State 3-0
2 Michigan State 3-0
3 Ole Miss 3-0
4 TCU 3-0
5 Baylor 2-0
6 Notre Dame 3-0
7 Georgia 3-0
8 LSU 2-0
9 UCLA 3-0
10 Florida State 3-0
11 Clemson 3-0
12 Alabama 2-1
13 Oregon 2-1
14 Texas A&M 3-0
15 Oklahoma 3-0
16 Arizona 3-0
17 Northwestern 3-0
18 Utah 3-0
19 USC 2-1
20 Georgia Tech 2-1
21 Stanford 2-1
22 Wisconsin 2-1
23 BYU 2-1
24 Oklahoma State 3-0
25 Missouri 3-0

Kristen Ashly is a senior editor and contributor for Nuts & Bolts Sports. You can shoot the football breeze with Kristen on Twitter @KristenAshly.

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