East Finals Preview

May 12, 2018 0

By: Jeffrey Newholm Sometimes in life there’s one man people really don’t like. To ignore the issue, people sometimes use strange linguistic gymnastics. Thus Voldemort became “he who must not be named”. (Didn’t do the […]

Kevin Love, Lebron James Lead Cavs

May 4, 2018 1

By: Jeffrey Newholm The Voyager spacecrafts, which helped unlock the mysteries of the solar system, have a Golden Record on board. It contains tidbits of humanity scientists thought extraterrestrials would like to know about. But […]

“Joe the Shooter”

May 4, 2018 0

By: Rob Botts There is a cup of Joe. A regular Joe. Average Joe. Joe Blow. But then again there is also GI Joe! Had many of those along with Transformers when I was a […]

Celtics Advance To East Semifinals

April 29, 2018 1

By: Jeffrey Newholm Behind 26 points apiece from Terry Rozier and Al Horford the Celtics soundly defeated the Bucks 112-96 Saturday night to advance to the second round. Khris Middleton led Milwaukee with 32 points […]

Bucks Force Game Seven: Win or Go Home

April 27, 2018 4

By: Jeffrey Newholm “One win to rule them all, one win to find them, one win to bring them all and in the darkness bind them”. So said TNT studio host J.R.R. Tolkien. While that […]

Celtics Bounce Bucks

April 25, 2018 2

By: Jeffrey Newholm Anyone who’s watched any basketball knows the ball can take some crazy bounces. The Bucks use this to their advantage with the local comedic troop the Rim Rockers, who jump off trampolines […]

Father Prime…Dwayne Wade

April 25, 2018 0

I’m bias because love and admiration for Father Prime runs deep in my family, but whatever you decide Dwade, I know that you will make the right decision! Dwayne Wade is without a shadow of […]

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