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By: Brandon Blake
On Tuesday, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo held a press conference to say that rookie sensation Dak Prescott will be the starting quarterback from here on. Thus, extinguishing any talk of a quarterback controversy between Romo and Prescott, who has led the Cowboys to an 8-1 start.
Romo’s announcement may have put away the controversy for now but keep in mind that if Prescott is hurt or is ineffective, Romo will be back at the helm running the Cowboys offense. But what if Prescott holds on to the job throughout the rest of the season, I feel this might be the end of Romo in a Cowboys jersey and if that is the case, I  will miss him in that uniform.
Before I jumped on the Jacksonville Jaguars bandwagon heading towards the AFC South cellar, for 20 years, I was a Dallas Cowboys fan and I remember the team going from the top of the NFL mountain to bottom and turning into a laughingstock. I saw the team go from Troy Aikman leading the team to a cast of quarterbacks that would rival anything the Cleveland Browns have trotted out since 1999.
And here comes Tony Romo, an unheralded quarterback from Eastern Illinois, who came in for an injured Drew Bledsoe and took the Cowboys out of the muck and into respectability. And sure, he had his famous meltdowns and what-was-he-thinking moments as quarterback for the Cowboys that has been brought but remember this.
The Cowboys from 2011-2014 were in the thick of the NFC playoff picture and they do not get there without Romo. In 2014, the Cowboys came within a questionable call from making it to the NFC title game and they don’t get that far without Romo. So, if you are going to harp on some bad interceptions and questionable plays, keep in mind the good he has done for that team.
I don’t know here he will end up if this is the end for Romo, but I hope to see him play somewhere soon.
Bills over Bengals
– Steelers over Browns
-Cowboys over Ravens
* I bunched these three games together for a reason. For all the talk and the jokes about the AFC South (and those jokes are justified), the AFC North is lowkey not good either. The Browns are terrible so no surprise there, the Bengals look done, the Steelers are supposedly the “best team” in the division but they are 4-5 and can’t stop anyone on defense and the Ravens lead the division and I trust them as much as I trust anyone who said that the outcome of the past presidential election was about “economic anxiety”. So, while we pile on the AFC South (and I will be right there making the jokes) let us lob a few jokes towards the AFC North.
-Titans over Colts
-Lions over Jaguars
* Zack Goodall of SB Nation’s Big Cat Country (Site about the Jacksonville Jaguars) said this about the Titans and I happened to agree with him.  I’m going to paraphrase what he said but the Titans are putting together a good team with a talented offense with Marcus Mariota leading it. The offensive line is underrated and the running game is solid with DeMarco Murray.
Bottom line: The Titans rebuilt their team the way the Jaguars should have rebuilt their team: through the offensive line. Now the Titans look to be a serious player in the AFC South and may make the playoffs while the Jaguars are going to have to hit the reset button again on a rebuild. Fun times in Duval.
-Kansas City over Bucs
* Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans kneeling during the anthem in protest of the election on Sunday and issuing an apology a few days later is disappointing to me. I would rather he continue to take a stand but sometimes he has to do what is best for him and his family I just hope he finds his way.
-Giants over Bears
-Cardinals over Vikings
-Dolphins over Rams
* I don’t know what to make of the Rams now going with Jared Goff as the starting quarterback but I just hope it does not eliminate the hope of the Rams and Jeff Fisher going 7 and 9.
-Patriots over Niners
-Seahawks over Eagles
* It is Wednesday night as I am typing this Babble and I can’t get over that hit Earl Thomas laid on Rob Gronkowski. Like, damn.
-Washington Racial Slurs over Packers
* The Packers are not a very good team right now and I don’t think they get back on track this week against a very good Washington offense. I do think the Packers have some hope as their five of their final six games are winnable (@Phi, Hou, Sea, @Chi, Min, @Det) so if they can get out of this haze they are in, they can at least get a wild card spot, hopefully.
– Raiders over Texans
* This game is being played in Mexico City and I don’t know why are we exporting these questionable to bad games to our so called “allies”.
Enjoy the Games

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