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Kansas City over Jaguars
*The team I pull for is still keeping Gus Bradley and Dave Caldwell on the payroll so there is that bit of bad news. I figure as the Jags take the long, losing march toward the end of the season, I will get fitted for a Jabril Peppers Jags jersey.
-Steelers over Ravens
* Remember when this game was the must-watch game from 2006 to 2008? Now, I have zero interest or care in this game. I think the Steelers should win but I don’t trust them without Ben Roethlisberger running the offense and I trust their defense even less. And despite their faults, I think the Steelers could possibly be the second best team in the AFC if Roethlisberger is healthy and the offense is firing on all cylinders.
-Cowboys over Browns
-Dolphins over Jets
* I wonder what Joe Namath will tweet out during the game if the Dolphins are thrashing the Jets and if Ryan Fitzpatrick has thrown a few pick-sixes?
– Eagles over Giants
* Well, this is a tough game to call in my opinion. I like the Eagles defense but they are coming off a tough road loss in overtime to Dallas last Sunday night and are facing a Giants team coming off a bye. I do like the Eagles defense so I am going to take Philly on the road and will probably regret it when the Beckham scores on a 70 yard touchdown pass from Eli Manning in the first quarter.
-Lions over Vikings
* I’m still trying to figure out what happened to the Vikings on Monday night because they looked bad against a terrible Bears team and with a sputtering offense and an offensive coordinator that just up and quit, this is a recipe for doom for Minnesota.
(By the way: I want to send a special shout-out of appreciation for what Lions linebacker DeAndre Levy is doing in speaking out against sexual assault and dispelling the whole “locker room talk” notions. Keep up the great work DeAndre. Your work off the field is very much appreciated.)
Rams over Panthers
* The Panthers looked impressive in their win last week but I need to see another week of it before jumping back on the bandwagon. The Rams defense can put pressure of Cam Newton and could quickly deflate any hope of a Carolina resurgence.
Saints over 49ers
* Nothing I really want to say about this game but do want to send another shout-out to Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick. What else can be said about him and the work that he is continuing to do since he took his stand against police murder and brutality against women and men of color. He and Levy are the best and are working towards real change in our world.
Chargers over Titans
* I am taking the Chargers because I think despite their record, I think they are a solid team that has ran into bad luck (and bad coaching) in the last season and a half. Sure the Titans looked impressive in their win over Jacksonville a week ago but the Jags are terrible and still are keeping Gus Bradley and Dave Caldwell employed.
Packers over Colts
* Why do I have the feeling that the Packers will win but the Colts will keep it interesting late in the fourth quarter?
Raiders over Broncos
* Look, I have my reservations about the Raiders (The 23 penalties committed in the win last week over Tampa shows a lack of discipline) but I am taking them to win and here is why:
  They are playing at home on Sunday night in a primetime game for the first time since Super Bowl 37? This is a big time game for a franchise that has been mired in the cellar for the last decade and a half and a chance to defeat their AFC West rivals will be an opportunity for the Raiders to shine and show the nation that they are for real. And I am all in on the Silver and Black.
Seahawks over Bills
* I want to use this prediction of the Seahawks and Bills game to remind the people of the following:
 Don’t let the Cleveland baseball team blowing a 3-1 lead in the World Series to the Cubs distract you from the fact that the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead to the Cavs in the NBA Finals.
(Yep, the 3-1 jokes still keep well)
(Also, Congrats on the World Series win Cubs)
Enjoy the Games

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