Baylor RB Silas Nacita no longer on team

By: Bri Norwood

The recently Sports Illustrated featured Baylor Bear, Silas Nactia, took to twitter this morning, informing Bear fans of his end with Baylor football.

Nacita, a former Cornell student, walked on to the team in the summer of 2014, after being homeless for a year. As a backup RB for the Bears, Nacita rushed for three touchdowns last season, as well as earning first-team Academic All-Big 12 honors in his first year with the team.

Soon after Nacita’s tweet had gone viral, the NCAA responded to this issue via twitter, stating that the “did not declare Silas Nacita ineligible and Baylor has not requested a waiver for him. With not much more information given on the situation, many college football fans were left to make their own assumptions as to why exactly Silas Nacita is no longer a part of the team.

One thing that did not go unnoticed though, was the amazing attitude that Nacita has had during this whole situation. While many took to twitter in outrage at the NCAA, using the handy hashtag #FreetheNacho, Nacita and teammates like Safety Terrell Burt kept their reactions positive and uplifting.

Last May the sports world was hit with the same issue. Boise State defensive end, Antoine Turner was under the brink of being deemed ineligible, as he was at the time “homeless” receiving as the NCAA would call it, “benefits”, although his situation is a tad different because he was a scholarship athlete, and luckily, a waiver was signed by Boise State compliance.

It’s unclear if the NCAA is investigating the situation or if Baylor is self-imposing the ruling but the way NCAA rules impact homeless athletes are definitely of concern. I’m hopeful that both the stories of Turner, and Nacita, will cause the NCAA to look further into this issue, so that the sports nation no longer has to hear about these young athletes loosing a chance to play the game they love.

You can learn more about Silas Nacita, and how he turned from homeless, to college athlete at:

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