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Hey everybody, my name is Mylene Mukhar and I’m a 29 years old sports nut. Born in Paris, France, I grew up following soccer, tennis, rugby some basketball and figure skating. I tried to play more sports than I can count, but tennis was my passion. I eventually moved to San Francisco with a full scholarship to play on the USF Women’s tennis team. I studied Media Studies as an undergrad and got my Masters in Sport Management from USF as well. Sports have been in my life since I was born and I can’t get enough of them. Coming to the US and wanting to be in sports, I had to learn the rules of mainstream US sports such as football and baseball. I started to really enjoy and appreciate what these athletes do to be great at their sports. Sports have always been a positive influence and opened new opportunities for me, and I never doubted that I wanted to work in this field and be a part of something that is so universal and unifying. As several horrible events took place in the world, the one thing that remained constant was how uniting and powerful sports were. I have worked in the production department at Pac-12 Networks since September 2012 and I love it. I have also worked for Tennis Channel and ESPN during live events in the Bay Area. I managed communications and public relations projects for several collegiate and professional tennis events with their communication/PR needs. So there you have it guys, me in a nutshell.
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Maria Sharapova, Intentional or not?

June 30, 2016 0

By: Mylene Mukhar I’ve been meaning to write about the Maria Sharapova case for a while. And I finally have time! Press conference First, I was extremely shocked by her announcement. She is somebody that […]