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Coming from Calgary, AB and Nanaimo, BC, Carl and Joel provide their own unique and fun view of hockey. Catch the 4th Line podcast each and every Sunday on NBS Radio!

Chicago Blackhawks: Fixer Upper Edition

June 11, 2018 0

By Kristi Loucks, originally published at The 4th Line Podcast It is officially the time of year where we go from the euphoria of a Stanley Cup Final and a Cup Champion crowned to that […]

Chicago Blackhawks: A Season to Forget

June 4, 2018 0

By Kristi Loucks, originally posted at There is not a person out there that would argue that the Chicago Blackhawks had a terrible season in 2017-18. It started off great with a pair of […]

Nashville’s Path From Predators to Prey

May 6, 2018 0

By Kristi Loucks The Nashville Predators came into the NHL playoffs expected to be a real contender for the Stanley Cup, and many believed that they were poised to make a return to the Stanley […]

Brad Marchand One Away From Hat-Lick

May 5, 2018 0

By Benjamin Burke In a league where contact to the head continues, who would have thought a tongue to the face would require attention. The NHL obviously believed that Boston Bruins’ forward, Brad Marchand, would […]

Swedish Prospects to Watch in NHL Draft

June 16, 2017 0

By Erik Liljekvist The amount of Swedish players that have made a impact in the NHL have greatly increased the past 15 years. Now Sweden are the third most common nationality with more than twice […]

War, Death and Hockey

May 28, 2017 2

Memorial Day tribute to our fallen hero’s By Kyle Willaert Embed from Getty Images World War One Its been 103 years since the start of World War One. 175,347 American and Canadian military personal died during […]

NHL Eastern Conference Playoff Previews

April 12, 2017 0

By Mike Laybourne The NHL’s Stanley Cup playoffs are just around the corner, so here’s our preview of the Eastern Conference’s quarter final games along with some storylines to look out for, as well as […]

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