A-Rod returns, but more drama to come?

received_10152515522675423.jpeg By: Melissa Armstrong

Monday was the home-opener for the New York Yankees, and the big return of the ever-so-popular Alex Rodriguez–who has been off the field since 2013 because of his season-long suspension. A-Rod has been in the public eye the past few years, and it has not been very glamourous. Despite the craziness, lying, and suing that he was tangled up in, I was surprised by the warm welcome that he received from the fans. There was definitely some lingering boos in the crowd, but the cheering and applause drained them out. Now that Jeter is retired, the Yankees hardly have a face for their organization. Yankee fans said that they will stick by A-Rod, because everyone deserves a second chance. Proving yet another reason why baseball fans are the best fans. I cannot say that I am still a big fan of Rodriguez, but supporting your team truly shows how passionate these fans really are.

Rodriguez is still riding out his 10 year, $275 million contract with the Yankees that he signed in 2007. That is a pretty hefty contract for someone who will be celebrating their 40th birthday this summer. However, before he became the face of controversy in the MLB, he was actually an extremely talented and elite athlete (something that I think a lot of people have forgotten). Rodriguez just hit his 655th homerun. He is now only 5 away from tying Willie Mays record.  Mays trails behind athletes like Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron. Tying Mays’ record will also put him in a situation where he could be collecting some big time bonuses. These bonuses are what they call “milestone bonuses”. If he goes onto to tie Mays’ record, then he could earn $6 million every time he surpasses a name on the list. The Yankees are voiding this milestone bonus clause for Rodriguez, arguing that his previous homeruns are “tainted” and therefore cannot be counted as milestones. Ironically, the MLB Players Association said that they will support Rodriguez (yes, the same union that he sued for not supporting him during his trial last season).So, it looks like the A-Rod saga is not over just yet. Taking this to arbitration means re-opening the can of steroid worms all over again!

Do you think that A-Rod is deserving of the milestone bonuses? Or are his previous homeruns really “tainted”?

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