2018- The Year the NFL Goes Year-Round


By: Allan Erickson

Hello to all, hope you’re well. I’d like to take this time to propose something to make every American happier in 2018. How does a year-round NFL schedule sound? Wonderful? I agree. Let me preach on it.

If you’re reading this, then you’re a sports fan, like myself. And like all sports fans, we get bummed when the NFL goes into “offseason” mode. While I enjoy NASCAR and the occasional baseball game, let’s be honest, our Sunday’s are filled with more joy whenever there’s professional football to watch. The NFL is a brutal league with a lot of injuries; so I’m not suggesting a longer regular season. I’m suggesting the AFC and NFC alternate weeks, so football will last a total of 48 weeks out of the 52 week calendar year.

You’d still have preseason games and, of course the full slate of postseason matchups. But imagine a world where the AFC plays one week, the NFC plays the other. There’s an extra week of rest for each team, and we sports fans get what we want, as well- MORE FOOTBALL!!!

As of today, NFL games take place 25 weeks out of the year. Not altering the preseason schedule would allow confernces to alternate weeks and bring us football 48 weeks out of the year. Rather than having professional football 48% of the year, we’d now have nationally televised games on 92% of the year. On top of a week’s worth of rest between games, American’s get more football, and perhaps most importantly, the league would be able to cut down on the amount of injuries that occur. Instead of players taking 20 weeks of vacation and showing up to camp 35 pounds overweight,(I’m looking at you, Kelvin Benjamin…) we’d see players stay in “football shape” year round, helping to eliminate some of the OTA/Training Camp “non contact” injuries where guys are digging deep to find something that’s not there anymore.

I’m a blogger, and a well-educated young man. However, I never enjoyed mathematics. That being said, professional football 92% of the year… I believe that’s math that we can all get behind.

Something to think about.
Allan Erickson, signing off.

Allan Erickson
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