2015 Let’s Go!!

By: Rob Veale

Here we go 2015! It’s going to be yet another great year for Xtreme sports! I can’t wait to share all the radical stories that are just around the mountain via this blog. Please feel free to blog back at me! I want pictures, videos, and anything that you think is worthy of being labeled Xtreme! If it can kill you without proper equipment, I want to hear about it! If it could be aired on “Ridiculousness,” I want to hear about it! If it’s something that you do to have fun that would make your mother worry for your life, I want to hear about it!

Now for some of the stuff we will be blogging about…wait for it…X Games, MotoCross, ASP World Championship, Billabong Pipe Masters, Banzai Pipeline, Pro Tahiti, the history of these crazy sports, bloopers, pics, video, fun facts, etc., etc.! It’s going to be an unreal adventure, so buckle down (optional), and let’s get to it!

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