1/4 of Amazing


By: Rob Botts

When we think of amazing performances we think of those individuals dominating the entire basketball contest from beginning to end. From quarter number 1 to quarter number 4. Heck, from the pre-game to the post-game they owned it. From walking into the arena with that hand tailored, celebrity worn, brand name suit to chatting it up with Jay-Z or Jack Nicholson court side after the final buzzer sounded…They rocked the entire process. When we think of all time “rocked it” performances, we think of Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 of course…Kobe’s 81…David Robinson’s 71….Michael Jordan’s 69 in the regular season and his 63 that he dropped all over one of the greatest championship teams of all time, the 1986 Boston Celtics. Those were some of the very best 4 quarter performances the NBA has ever seen.

Now let’s talk one quarter performances shall we? Here are a few that jog the memory…There was the Boston Celtic’s Larry Legend out dueling the Human Highlight Film in the 4th quarter of a game 7 seven playoff series against the Atlanta Hawks back in 1988. There is the quarter where the Chicago Bull’s Michael Jordan realized there was a three point line in professional basketball and figured since he is the best from two point range, why not be the best from three point range as well…The Portland Trailblazers and Clyde Drexler didn’t stand a chance that fateful NBA Finals night in June of 1992. Then there is MJ’s best friend(NOT) Isiah Thomas of 2 time back to back world championship fame, who had a quarter for the NBA Finals ages…He was badly hurt on top of that. His ankle was so swollen that it would be like playing the game with one foot on top of a grapefruit…He had 25 points in that third quarter of game 6 against the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers…on ONE leg. All of these are very, very impressive on the biggest of stages. But….

Let’s take the stage out of the equation for a second. “Wait..What?” It will be fun…calm down…”Well that’s an awful equation!!” Hold on…I know, but just stay with me for a few lines or two….As far as pure, being absolutely on fire and making difficult and difficult deep shots over and over and over again…The Golden State Warrior’s Mr. Klay Thompson’s 3rd quarter the other night against the Sacramento Kings team was just simply amazing. Forget about the 52 he had for the game…this OTHER splash brother had 37 in the 3rd. Yes, you read that right. Even the “Swoosh” himself never did that. 37 points is a career game for some players…I repeat, he had that in ONE quarter. Oh and one other small thing that might be of some kind of historical note…HE DIDN’T MISS A SHOT THE ENTIRE QUARTER. Not one. He shot 13 for 13 from the floor in the quarter. He went 9 for 9 form beyond the arc…9 for 9. You had the game of your life..Klay had a quarter for anybody’s NBA life….

The center of the sun…the lava flowing from a leaking volcano and Angelina Jolie in “Gia” think Mr. Thompson’s third quarter shooting was hot! It was an National basketball Association record. Nobody else in the history of the league did what he did. The greatest quarter in the NBA by a single player..EVER. Talk about booking your ticket to All-Star weekend in under 12 minutes of work…Wow…

So, if you are offering me up a 50 point compete game performance, as opposed to a 37 point quarter…Keep the 50, I don’t need any change..I’ve got my lucky quarter…

Rob Botts
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How’s it going? I’m Rob Botts, a Boston native currently living in Los Angeles California. I’m a published writer, cartoonist, actor, former college basketball player (Div. III… don’t get too excited), and former coach of summer sports camps back in New England. I’m incredibly passionate about sports and in particular the National Basketball Association (NBA). I publish a weekly comic strip entitled “Boston Bobby” that follows the daily trials and tribulations of this crazy Boston sports fan. I may be very level headed, but my cartoon alter ego is not. My favorite teams are, of course, the Pats, Celtics, Bruins, Red Sox and the Revs…Yes, I follow soccer too—from afar. Let’s talk some sports!!!

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