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    My Thoughts on The Undefeated Town Hall

    By: Brandon Blake On Thursday night, I watched The Undefeated’s Town Hall Meeting on Athletes, Responsibility and Violence.  I, as an African-American man, feel like this is an important topic to have discussing issues such [...]
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    Side Spin

    What I learned from my 30 day challenge

    By: Ashley Otero My 30 Day Abs Challenge was quite a challenge for me. I had little to zero support and no team, which meant I was only relying on myself to stay motivated. That [...]
  • Ron Chenoy/USA Today

    The Price for Bryce

    By: Chad Berman and Alex Pacione Vapid bro or one of the best players in Major League Baseball? Jonathan Papelbon’s personal punching bag or the next Mickey Mantle? Overhyped superstar or destroyer of “clown questions” [...]

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